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The Puppy Pretzel Company got its start when my wife and I began making treats for our dogs.  We decided by their delight that we would try and take this to market.  Through many trial runs and test samples, we came up with what I think is the best recipe blend for our product.  Everyone that we gave samples to said that their dogs loved them and we think yours will too. 

Once we settled on a formula​, we had the required lab testing done and now operate under our State of Texas Feed License # 709999-1 for all of our products.  Plus all the treats we make are made from scratch, in small batches, in our home kitchen.  This ensures you that our products are of top quality meeting our guidelines and standards.  We think your dogs will agree, small batches are the best.

We chose the Brazos Valley Farmers Market as a starting point for our live sales to the public.  As we grow, you will see us working with Animal Rescues and Adoption Events providing support for these agencies.

This website will be updated as we grow with links to events and our online store capabilities so we encourage you to check back regularly for updates on our progress.

Kindest regards,

Joey and Alberta Ganem

The Puppy Pretzel Company

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